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Labor to deny thousands cheaper medicine

Thousands of self-funded retirees will miss out on cheaper prescription drugs and other health benefits if Labor blocks moves to index income limits for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CHSC).

National support for homelessness agreement

All Australian states and territories have now signed the new National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH) ensuring homelessness programmes across Australia will continue for another year.

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Address to the Melbourne Institute

Work is a social good which, in turn, is a foundation and expression of human dignity. Seen this way, it is work or employment and finding it for all those who wish to participate that should always be a primary focus of national policy.

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Redefinition of PPL road to cultural change

As a society, we should do more to support women who choose to have families and a career and this is exactly what the Abbott government’s paid parental leave scheme is designed to do.